On November 6th, 2004… the first Saturday of that November…  we found ourselves up at O’Malley’s Pub for a most-memorable evening – the celebration of the release of our second CD, One For The Road (the first of a three-disc project we’d call The O’Malley’s Sessions). Ten seasons and 62 engagements later, on Saturday, November 8th… nearly ten years to the day… we found ourselves back up at O’Malley’s Pub setting up to record this CD, Two To Get Ready (the second of that project). It was likewise a memorable evening – similar in many aspects, yet different in others that bore witness to how many changes have transpired in that decade.

The most noteworthy was the departure of Rachel Bowerman and Tara McCullough from the band and the addition of Rachel Gaither – who began performing with the band in April of 2005… making the current line-up the longest-running line-up in our history. Also at the very noteworthy end of the spectrum was the departure of Sean O’Malley from the pub and the leasing (in 2005) and sale (in 2012) of O’Malley’s Of Weston to Michael Coakley and Corey Weinfurt – who have infused the pub and its day-to-day trappings with their own particular brand of clever-yet-bold vision. And in the wake of their acquisition of the Pub, they have re-opened for business the time-honored Weston Brewing Company and brought it online as the hot commodity among new micro-breweries in the Midwest.

But the noteworthy changes haven’t all been on the upswing. Absent friends include Rogues Gallery co-founder and perpetual smart-ass Pat Patterson, and the universally-loved Jeannie Dybdahl-Towns… both dear friends and loyal followers (of the band and the pub)… and both sorely missed.

It’s been a hands-down amazing ten years at O’Malley’s since “One For The Road”…  fun, always a night we look forward to, sometimes tiring, never a dull moment… and all the more enjoyable because you come out and share your evenings with us. Thank you, Mike and Corey. And THANK YOU ALL!!

Two To Get Ready


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Tullamore's fifth recording and second installment of "The O'Malley's Sessions".

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Mark Clavey... vocals, guitar 
Mary Hanover... vocals, hammered dulcimer 
Rachel Gaither... vocals, fiddle

Produced by Tullamore.

Recorded live at O'Malley's Pub, Weston MO. 
Re-recording by George Hunt at Chapman Recording Studio, Lenexa KS. 
Edited, mixed, and mastered by Phil Smillie and Grant Milne at Tentsmuir Studios, Tayport, Fife, Scotland. 
Duplicated by Oasis CD Manufacturing, Delair NJ.

Designed by Mark Clavey. Artwork by Aaron Presler and Signature Marketing, Independence MO. 
Photography by Kathy Disney and Kathy Disney Photography, Kansas City MO.

All arrangements by Tullamore.

All selections traditional or unknown unless otherwise noted. 
One Of Ireland's Children, © Eddie Delahunt. Lighthouse, © George Hunt. Culloden's Harvest, © Alastair McDonald.
The Rangers Of Gonzales, © Bruce Clavey. Brezhoneg ’Raok, © Alan Stivell. Run Rufus, Run, © Dale Ann Bradley.

Our special thanks to: 
Michelle Clavey, Kurt Hanover, and Kip Vaughan. Michael Coakley, Corey Weinfurt, and O'Malley's Pub. 
Bruce Clavey, Lee Worman, Sandy Lee, George Hunt, Eddie Delahunt, Jed Marum, and Frank Blair. 
Ed Miller, Rachel Bowerman-Deering, Mary Ellen Strobl, Dorothy Strobl-Lucas, Phyllis Robinson, 
Mike Moran, Joe Simunac, Roger Ruffner, the Gaither and Carrell Families, Phil Carey, and Helen Collins.
Andrew Kuntz and the Fiddler’s Companion, and the Mudcat Café.

© Tullamore, February 2015