THE EARLY YEARS (1997-2001)

Mark founded the band in 1997 as a duo with Sean Foree (guitar and mandolin, presently of the Jolly Rogers and Bubble and Squeak), performing at a handful of Renaissance-festivals around the Midwest. In 1998, the band added Mary and Jen Williams-Bowman (fiddle).

By early Spring of 1999, Sean had moved on to round out Brollywacker, Jen moved to Toronto to attend college, and the band added Sonya Baughman-Andrews (whistles and recorders).

This became their first watermark line-up - remaining together for three years, performing at various Renaissance-festivals and college coffeehouses, and recording their first CD, Timber & Stream.



These years were transitional in every facet of the band's existence. In late-2000, the band permanently added fiddle into the line-up when they began working with Amy Carriker-Weeks.

In 2001, Sonya left the band, and they replaced her with Rachel Bowerman-Deering (whistles and bodhrán, presently of Dog Tree). Toward the end of 2001, Amy left, and the band added Tara McCullough-McNeal (fiddle).

This became their second watermark line-up - remaining together another three years, and seeing the band shift from a predominantly Renaissance festival band to an Irish/Scottish festival band. It was in this era that the band also began to transition their material to be more reliant on instrumental arrangements.

In 2004, Rachel and Tara announced their intention to leave. Friend and super-fan Lloyd Camp stepped up to finance the band's production of their second CD, One For the Road.



The addition of Rachel Gaither in 2004 has always been somewhat of a lightning-strike for the band. A mutual friend, Roger Ruffner, brought Rachel and the band to each other's attention and, after a brief interview and try-out, she took her place as the heart of the band.

In the same timeframe, the band also added wunderkind Neil Womelduff (bagpipes, whistles, banjo, mandolin). The new line-up worked through the winter and took over performances from the outgoing line-up in April. In late-May, Neil endured some personal circumstances that pulled him away from the band.

The resulting line-up became the defining line-up of Tullamore. Between then and the Summer of 2014, the band re-invented itself as a world-class band. They began working with Phil Smillie (Tannahill Weavers) as a producer, re-branded themselves, elevated their arrangements and performances, and recorded two more CDs... Wild And Wicked Youth in 2007, and a live-concert recording Six Strings & Coffee Beans in 2012.

They also began their international touring career - conducting two conventional tours of Ireland (2007) and Scotland (2008), and two bus-tours of Ireland (2011) and Scotland (2013), and performing in two dozen concert-venues overall.



In the run-up to getting married, Rachel moved to Southeast Virginia's Hampton Roads, and announced her intended departure from the band, agreeing to fill in until the band could replace her. That announcement notwithstanding, the band (with Rachel) conducted their fifth international tour - another bus-tour of Ireland - and recorded and released their fifth CD Two To Get Ready.

In the meantime, the band began searching for someone to fill Rachel's figuratively gigantic shoes. They captured the interest of a young up-and-coming fiddler/vocalist, but conversations petered out before rehearsals could begin.

They then connected with Kelly Bohling (fiddle and vocals, Dorian's Wheel, Scarlet Town) who moved through rehearsals famously and turned in one performance in April 2015 before personal circumstances pulled her away from the band.

The band then called upon Houston's Kristen Jensen (fiddle, vocals, accordion, percussion... Poor Man's Fortune, Earl Grey In the Morning, Gypsy Dance Theatre) to round out the band. Kristen began rehearsing with the band in the Summer of 2015, and performing with the band in January of 2016. Personal circumstances pulled Kristen away from the band after a half-dozen performances.

So it was, at the Medieval Fair in Norman OK, eleven years to the day from when Rachel began performing with the band, after several hours of consideration and conversation, that the band and Rachel came full-circle and resumed their partnership as a band.